Title & Aim:

The name of the network is “Modernism and Postmodernism Studies Network in Turkey” (MPSN).

The aim of the network is to bring together academics, researchers, and graduate students from all disciplines working on “modernism" and “postmodernism" in Turkey, to provide information exchange and solidarity, to bring them together with international academics and researchers. We aim to institutionalize the Network in order to conduct the studies of modernism and postmodernism in the Turkey more effectively, and to collaborate with international institutions carrying out studies on the subject, to organize conferences that can bring local and foreign researchers together. It also plans to publish a reputable peer-reviewed journal indexed in ULAKBİM and ranked among in the SSCI / AHCI indexes.

Research Areas and Activities

1- Network is open to studies related to modernism and postmodernism in especially Literature, Philosophy, Sociology and Fine Arts together with such fields as linguistics, anthropology, architecture.

2- It annually organizes Modernism and Postmodernism Studies Conference in cooperation with different universities and institutions. Apart from this, it organizes activities such as conferences, workshops, panels, courses, seminars and summer school applications.

3- It publishes the Journal of Modernism and Postmodernism Studies, a scientific peer-reviewed journal to be published twice a year. In addition to this, it also plans to publish such works as peer-reviewed / non-peer-reviewed journals, books and bulletins by the members.


1- Membership of Modernism and Postmodernism Studies Network is open to all interested in the aims and activities of the Network.

2- Applicants for Network membership are required to fill and submit the membership form in our website (

3- Applications for membership are evaluated by the Executive Steering Committee and applicants are informed about the status of their application in fourteen days at the latest.

4- Each member has the right to withdraw from membership on the condition that he/she notifies the Executive Steering Committee about his/her withdrawal in written form.

5- Membership of those who violate the rules and codes of the Network’s Constitution is ended by the Executive Steering Committee.

6- Membership of Modernism and Postmodernism Studies Network is free of charge.

7- Studies and publications by members are announced and introduced on the web site and social media accounts/profiles of Modernism and Postmodernism Studies Network as long as the members demand.

8- Members have the right to take part in the Executive Steering Committee and vote in the annual general meeting to elect the Committee.

9- Members can benefit from discounts when they participate in the Network’s paid activities such as conferences.

10- In the case that the Committee announces, members can benefit from discounts on accommodation in the cities where the Network’s conferences are held.

11- Subscription to the Journal of Modernism and Postmodernism Studies, which is initially planned to be published on-line, will be free of charge for the members of the Network.

12- Advisory Board members are natural members of the Network.

Organizational Chart, Duties and Responsibilities

1- Executive Steering Committee of the Network consists of coordinators, webmasters and public relations specialists.

2- Executive Steering Committee is determined by the vote of the general assembly on the date announced every year.

3- Establishment Committee carries out the duties of Executive Steering Committee until the election is made.

4- Executive Steering Committee makes decisions in line with the purpose of the network and participates in the meetings held by it.

5- It communicates and Exchange ideas with the Advisory Board and members of the Network to carry out activities.

6- It makes the organization, promotion and announcements of the network works and activities.

7- Within the scope of network workspaces, it organizes joint works by communicating with other work centers, groups and networks in the country and abroad.

8- It organizes the research groups of the Network.

9- Executive Steering Committee is as follows:

Honorary Chair   : Mehmet Ali Çelikel

Chair                    : Murat Kadiroğlu

Webmasters        : Emrah Işık, Nusret Ersöz, Mehmet Burak Büyüktopçu

Public Relations   : Ayşegül Demir, İsmail Serdar Altaç, Samet Kalecik